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Nuts and chocolates

published: 2009-08-14

My son and I sat on the kitchen floor eating a raisin mix. 
“If I eat the black ones, my stomach will become black. And if I eat the yellow ones, it’ll be yellow,” he announced. 
Life can be so simple at that age. He waited for me to agree. I said, “and if we eat both, we’ll have black and yellow stomachs.” He nodded, while frowning gravely.
He then popped an almond into his mouth, didn’t like it much and gave it to me. He did the same with a Brazil nut, a pecan nut, and a hazelnut. 
Suddenly I remembered a box of chocolates. I was a small girl and was taking bites out of every chocolate. I disliked them and so I gave them to my mother.
I sat there on the kitchen floor thinking, “I can’t think of a better excuse for eating a whole box of chocolates.” Having children brings back memories of intimate moments you sometimes never realized you had.

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