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revisiting the orgasm …

published: 2011-05-17

… the next question being: is there a way of actually proving a woman is faking it? This – once again highly intellectual question – was what a colleague writer and I felt we needed to find an answer to. She had just finished giving a workshop to writers, and I had been on a discussion panel about ebooks.
“There is a way!” I suddenly realized. “While a woman is so-called coming, a man should quickly stick his finger into her.”
My honorable colleague nodded gravely, “smart thinking,” she said.
(in case you have been faking all your life, you might not know this: the pelvic muscles rhythmically contract during an orgasm and you can feel this in the vagina).
We sipped our coffees and thought a little harder.
“But what if his sudden withdrawing means the orgasm is abruptly interrupted?” (poor woman)
“Hm, good point,” I said. “A-ha, but the faker doesn’t know this right? And so she’ll ignorantly continue oohing and aahing!”
My colleague gives me a thumbs up. That’s it then. Yet again, we are silent. After a few long minutes my colleague looks at me and asks:
“Have you ever tried keeping your eyes open while sneezing?”

ps: there is still a solution to this ‘test’ for fakers. The greater intellectuals in our midst will surely figure it out.

One Response to “revisiting the orgasm …”

  1. 1005 says:

    Was she really hard to get?
    Was he really interested?
    Was she really the whore?
    Was he really the stud?
    Was her orgasm real?
    He lost his role by asking this.
    She left him.

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