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the end of her life

published: 2011-05-23

Her husband woke up saying he couldn’t sleep. He had nightmares. One of them being that she had fallen off a balcony into the neighbour’s garden. She hadn’t really landed in their garden, but on a sun- roof of some sort. She lay on her back like a turtle. She wasn’t really doing much, he said (at which point she thought that was odd as she’d imagine herself cursing and screaming like a witch). He couldn’t get to her, he wanted to help her but didn’t know how. He tried banging on the neighbour’s door but they wouldn’t let him in.
The next day, while her 4 year old son was walking next to her husband, she lingered behind thinking about life and whether she was happy. Her son grabbed dad’s hand and said, “I had a really funny dream, dad. I dreamt that mum had died, and we lived in the church. Isn’t that funny?” He couldn’t stop giggling.
The lady felt sorrow at the thought that this may well be the end of her life.

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