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I love the sea

published: 2010-07-19

I love the sea.
How it lights up at four when the sun leans down. And lures man, woman, child. Games and laughter.
The tears it absorbs as you walk along its coast. Stroked away by a gentle breeze. Blown away, sometimes, on a particularly bad day.
The shells. The little girl who hopes to find two that are exactly the same. Her search will last an entire lifetime.
A big, fat jelly-fish that has lost its way but finds glory in death as it is admired by passersby.
Elderly nudists flaunt their jewels while teenage girls hide theirs beneath gold-sprinkled bikinis and oily tans. Toddlers shriek in excitement at their world. No, say the screams of the men playing soccer, it is ours.
Dogs and horses and sea-gulls and bees. A kite. And a fort.
I love the sea.

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