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To withdraw

published on: 14.12.2008 in: All entries

As the wind is still coming from the South-East, I decided to take a look on the opposing side, the North-West. It was cold, but indescribably tranquil. The sea had withdrawn entirely, leaving vast plains of muddy sand and brown, wilted shrubbery exposed. So that's it then, when we withdraw from a certain situation all […]


Push or pull

published on: 13.12.2008 in: All entries

Meanwhile, on the icy island…. I set out to reach the outer eastern end of the island, that part of the island nobody ever goes to as it's so far. I had been warned, it would be freezing cold out there, the winter wind was coming from the South-East and all. I smeared vaseline on […]



published on: 12.12.2008 in: All entries

Allow me to use this space for SD for a moment. This evening, a Dutch radio host publicly announced he's quitting his job because of it. Some of you may know I have it too. The treatments with botox are temporary and do not cure the cause. So my voice will forever be husky, then tremory, then […]



published on: 11.12.2008 in: All entries

I took a long walk on the beach today, stuck close to the dunes as I’m not quite the courageous being I’d like myself to be -> warning signs of quicksand and a sea that can suddenly come up and drown you were enough to have me looking for exits every five minutes. Albeit quicksand […]


published on: 09.12.2008 in: All entries

I did venture out because it stopped raining for a while. On walking towards a dike and hoping to find something special hidden behind it, a thought occurred to me. Writing has become a disenchanting place for the very same reason it once was an enchanting place: it is a place of my own. Ever […]


Ideal circumstance

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It's pouring. Outside, people in anoracks are balancing umbrellas in bikes. They are here to enjoy nature and so this is exactly what they must and shall do: enjoy nature. This island in the North of Holland is known for its magnificent lighting; that dusty, filtered light over endless seas and a landscape of dunes, […]


What goes up must…

published on: 08.12.2008 in: All entries

Is it pessimistic of me to say up becomes down and vice versa? Or simply realistic? For a while now, I've been treating you folks out there to some good old fashioned "life is one big hurray" entries, or more specifically: writing is one big hurray.  In doing so, I apparently struck a tone that […]



published on: 07.12.2008 in: All entries

This evening, I did something that I have never done before and it had my heart racing. It’s not the nervous kind of heart racing. Buying a piece of art is a whole new kind of heart racing-sensation.┬áMy man and I (and son) went to an exposition by an artist from Brazil. I’ve met the […]


The years

published on: 04.12.2008 in: All entries

On the train, someone I know happened to come and sit next to me. She exclaimed, "oh isn't this world simply great!" It was a meant to be kind of thing. But what -precisely – was meant to be? I now wonder. I had met her before I went to Brazil. She heads a foundation […]


Then came morning

published on: 03.12.2008 in: All entries

The morning was purple too. It could have been the mist, it could have been the pollution. He liked to think it was mist as it was the lesser of two evils. Usually, mist made him feel oppressed. It limited the scope of the world. Sometimes limitations were good. Within boundaries set by limitations it […]