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What goes up must…

published: 2008-12-08

Is it pessimistic of me to say up becomes down and vice versa? Or simply realistic? For a while now, I've been treating you folks out there to some good old fashioned "life is one big hurray" entries, or more specifically: writing is one big hurray.  In doing so, I apparently struck a tone that people enjoy as my stats are high. I suppose deep down nobody likes to identify with the loser. We all want to believe we can be winners. If I can, you can. If Obama can, I can. 

Not necessarily so. 
Some can more than others.

I just received news that we did not make it through to the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab. As said before, the stakes were high. I mean, 2000+ submissions and then only a selection of 4 non-US screenplays. What were we thinking? We were thinking we could, that's what we were thinking.
And now, I shall go back to my room (I am in a hotel, on an island up North, as I had blocked this time to write. I'll tell you about all that tomorrow) and do what exactly…? Write?

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