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published: 2008-12-12

Allow me to use this space for SD for a moment. This evening, a Dutch radio host publicly announced he's quitting his job because of it. Some of you may know I have it too. The treatments with botox are temporary and do not cure the cause. So my voice will forever be husky, then tremory, then tight and back to husky. Somehow, this remains to endlessly confuse the world around me. Most people I meet still privately believe it's pyschological. I mean,"if it's not, how come she sounded perfectly fine last week?" So in a way I'm happy this radio-host has it, it may help raise some awareness. Not necessarily for me, but I dread to think of the amount of people who are suffering from SD and are misdiagnosed, made to believe it's all their fault. SD, by the way, is chronic. And there's nothing we SD-ers can do about it. Believe me, when I first had it ten years ago, I tried absolutely everything. From Iyengar yoga, through homeopathy to hypnotherapy via acupuncture, meditation, a dramatic change of career, vegetarianism, sugar free diets, valium, antidepressants, sessions with paragnosts and clairvoyants, speech therapy, running, dancing, singing lessons (that was quite humiliating by the way), stopping smoking, and all this merely led me straight back to point zero.

(returning visitors who noticed I changed my entry – I thought my previous one was a little too Jehova witnessy).

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