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little lonely dog

published: 2014-10-28

There is a little sausage-shaped dog in my neighborhood. He always walks in front of his owner, pulling at his leash. Leading the way, confident and proud, unaware of how small he is. His owner follows him while smiling endeared.
They are always together, that woman and the sausage-shaped dog.
His name is Bob.
I see Bob outside the supermarket one day. His owner must be inside. He looks a lot smaller than usual. He shifts around nervously, circles himself. When I lean to pat him, he first retreats with a small whince, and then nervously allows it. His little tail quivers erratically.
I step into the supermarket and watch him for a while. He keeps doing the circles and glancing in, past me, past everyone, searching for her and doing another circles.
Bob is a restless, scared little dog. And it’s fine. She loves him, whichever way.
It has me thinking: why is it we need to fix ourselves if we are small or scared or lonely?

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