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Eye twitch

published: 2009-07-18

“Are you by any chance under any stress?” the optometrist asked. In fact, she smirked. Of course she had to ask that. I leaned towards her and smiled as sweetly as I could, “I’m SO glad you asked. Because tell me, in your experience, is life ever entirely stress-free?”
If so, I’d have congratulated her.
Meanwhile, I considered the amount of times I’ve stood on my head during Iyengar yoga classes, the countless holistic massages I’ve had, the stack of self-help books that have passed my hands, the meditation classes,vegetarianism, the years of psychoanalysis and thought field therapy and not to mention the change of career. Perhaps the most powerful trigger in monitoring your stress-levels is when disease strikes. In my case neurology tends to like seriously messing with me every once in a while.
So am I stressed? Hell yes, but objectively speaking quite a few people out there have more right to claim they’re stressed than I do. 
Anyway, she did actually find something strange, which means my eye needs further tests, an echo and all that. 
“The left one though,” she said, “not the one that keeps twitching.”

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