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there’s nothing you can do

published on: 30.11.2012 in: All entries

A woman’s husband is depressed. For a while, she thought she was depressed and not him. But he has now told her he needs some time for himself. It’s not her, he adds. And he’ll figure it out. It’s not me, she thinks, it’s not me. See? It’s not me. She could drive over to […]


as if nothing happened, II

published on: 21.11.2012 in: All entries

My son has been complaining about a stomach ache. I give in and tell him he can stay home from school, but he has to understand that I need to get some work done. Ironically, for a kid’s TV series. In fact, now that he’s here, I may as well ask him a few things. […]


as if nothing happened

published on: 19.11.2012 in: All entries

There is a woman who runs in the park every day and always in the same direction: anti-clockwise. Same pacing, same distance. Same ponytail swings left and right like a metronome. I don’t see her for a while and I don’t miss her. Until one day, a year or so later, I notice her and […]


invisible to the world

published on: 13.11.2012 in: All entries

My Dutch publisher said she’s considering publishing a few of my blog entries. I suggested an intern could make a first selection? You know, me being so busy and all that? What a silly thought. I have started the selection process, and it’s taking me ages. Every blog entry I read brings back the things […]


these words I write*

published on: 06.11.2012 in: All entries

I’m in New York, where I once lived. Back when the East Village was still dangerous and my ambitions were limitless. If I could have made it here… I visit friends from back then. Their careers have moved forward, step by step, year by year and now here we are, in our mid forties. There’s […]