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there’s nothing you can do

published: 2012-11-30

A woman’s husband is depressed. For a while, she thought she was depressed and not him. But he has now told her he needs some time for himself. It’s not her, he adds. And he’ll figure it out.
It’s not me, she thinks, it’s not me. See? It’s not me.
She could drive over to his place because maybe he needs her. She isn’t sure. Instead, she does what he asks her to do. She leaves him. And so she finds herself still firmly on the track of her life. She’s making deadlines. She does the worrying in between.
She texts a friend of his. Perhaps he could check in on him. He knows him well.
The woman paces some more, outside this time. This is how people feel, she realizes. This is how people feel when someone dear to them is in hospital and there’s nothing you can do.

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