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the house with the red roof

published on: 24.05.2015 in: All entries

I walk over a path with a friend, past farms, along dikes and through fields. The path ends at the house with the red roof by the lake. It is where my grandparents lived. I have biked, walked, run and skipped this path countless times. The older we get, the less chance we have to […]


connecting the years

published on: 22.05.2015 in: All entries

I visited a friend from high school. “I’m excited” she texted after I said I was on my way. “Me too,” I said and I felt like a ten-year-old who was about to see a friend she had missed all summer. As I sat across from her, she spoke of her sisters and brother and […]


loosen, fix or glue

published on: 17.05.2015 in: All entries

My son shuffles cards and is trying to force them into a neat pack but the cards are jutting out in various angles. Much to his annoyance. I show him that he is to loosen his grip. To let the batch of cards slip between both hands, but in a controlled way. Gently tap the […]


secrets are like sand

published on: 02.05.2015 in: All entries

I told someone a secret the other day. Four people before that. Ten, in total maybe. I told them not to tell anyone. I want to believe they won’t. Betrayal comes in many forms though: You can tell someone a secret and instantly feel how their opinion of you has changed. Recently, a man told […]


here we come again

published on: 01.05.2015 in: All entries

The members of the camping and caravaninning club all meet for games and bingo in the evenings. Most are from England and their average age is 65. Their faces are worn and torn, their bellies bloated, the hips wide and legs marked with varicose veins. Life has marked them. And now they are here, in […]