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A sunshiny rainy day

published: 2008-10-03

Yesterday, my work day ended as follows: while at the day care center, my celphone started buzzing frantically. My celphone hardly ever buzzes frantically and so on biking home through maddening rain with my son on the back of my bike, I became curious to know what was going on. Was someone in trouble and needing my help?
The moment one of my hands was free I picked up.
It was the director who I'm working with on a screenplay.
"Hold on to something will you?"
I was. I was holding my son.
"I just heard our project has been granted 400.000 euro's."
 I held on to my son, but dropped my bag.
After that I called the person I always call when I myself am frantic: my man. He asked what it exactly meant. It means this: the concept of her directing a feature film based on the screenplay we are working on is no longer but a dream, it is a possibility.
Yesterday turned out to be one sunny day.

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