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published: 2010-05-10

“Mom, wait!” I hear this a lot after having kissed my son goodnight. I pause for a second, know what’s coming: an excuse to keep me there for a little while longer. Any excuse.
“Your work, mom,” he blurts out, “uhm tell me about your work?”
A perfectly normal question, but when it comes out of the mouth of a 4-year-old, it sounds different. It sounds strange.
I stepped back into his room and felt peculiarly uncomfortable while telling him: “well, once I get to my office – the one you’ve seen (“does it have my pictures on the wall?” “Yes,” I say as I had promised to do that. But I haven’t, not yet) – I turn on all the lights, sit down in front of my laptop and then I make words.”
He stayed silent for a while, seemed to be taking this in as I stood there feeling exposed.
“Are there people at your work?” he asked.
No son, no people. Not even that.

2 Responses to “Work”

  1. Dens P says:

    B-b-but those people are hiding between the words

  2. alief says:

    @Dens P Sweet!

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