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wish upon a star

published: 2013-03-13

At night, I stand on a mountain under a sky dizzy with stars. I realize I can never look at stars again without hearing my son’s voice. A voice alive with curiosity.
Mama, he says. Do shooting stars exist or are they make believe?
They exist, I say.
If I ever see one, I’ll wish that you and dad are together again, like before.
Someone once told me to close my eyes, look past the darkness into the skies, past the stars and into infinity. I choose a star and sit on it. I take a deep breath and ask: Ready? I cut the ropes that hold the star and we fall, shoot across darkness, leaving a crack of light behind us, immediately erased. And I make a wish. I wish that my son stays happy for the rest of his life. Even if wishes do not come true.

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