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When you least expect it

published: 2009-01-02

Yesterday morning, I drove to one of the beaches along the coast of Holland. My aim was to join the highly commercialized 'New Year's Dive' event. It's easy to dismiss what the masses do. But standing amidst 10.000 people wearing bright orange winter hats on the ice-cold sand, listening to blasting music and a DJ who was telling us to keep our clothes on until two minutes before the dive during which time he inspired us to jump, dance, hug, raise hands and sing while waiting for his signal to strip, had me going giddy. Much to my surprise, I experienced a sense of togetherness with complete strangers who handed me Passoa, advised me to put the orange gloves the organizers had handed out on my feet when running to the sea, and shared their vaseline with me. By the time the crowd stripped down and made a run for the North Sea, I found myself suppressing tears. Intimacy can be found in the most unexpected of places.

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