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when raindrops feel like snowflakes

published: 2013-01-14

The woman is the same, but her pace is different. It is light and her hips swing gently, left to right. Her skin has tightened itself around her face, her eyes have opened to see more of the world. Raindrops feel like snowflakes to her. She stands, while the other woman sits on the floor looking at her with deep-set eyes, worn from fatigue.
The woman who is closest to the ground remembers how she recently stood there, tall. Looking at the other woman who was then kneeling before her, her hands trembling along with the muscles in her flaxen face.
Why, asks the woman who is standing and hates herself for it.
Because the cat purs when it is caressed. Its fur shines when it is spoken to, sweet words, every day. It can live without, it can. It will glare at strangers uninvitingly, not caring about the bald patches. But the cat purs when it is caressed.

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