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What we believe to be true is true

published: 2009-01-23

Perhaps there was a truth to yesterday's entry. This morning I jumped around the house singing "I shall be the new star of the literary world" to my man and son. Not that I can back this up by anything other than: sleep deprivation. Apart from a surge of creativity, sleep deprivation also leads to "psychosis like symptoms." On to more important issues:  what color robe should I get? I was thinking army green.

2 Responses to “What we believe to be true is true”

  1. Army Green is a splendid robe-color. Especially if you’re fairhaired and lusterous. I don’t know if this is the case.
    I hope your sleep deprivation isn’t caused by the search of creativity. Psychoses and devine interventions are often confused.

  2. @ Dennis No, I think the reason for this sleep deprivation would be called earthly intervention aka reality check.

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