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ego and yes I can

published: 2011-11-30

We get so wrapped up, don’t we? In contemplations about the next step, or is it too late? Am I good enough? How do I stay true to myself in a world that’s full of lies? And suddenly there’s a chance to do this or that, and so we get up and go. Just do it, is what we think. Kick some serious ass. No guts no glory. Yes I can.
Can I really? Maybe not. Sure I can!
Yet we also talk of ego and being too eager and wanting too much and therefore learning to let go and flow and the glorious path of least resistance. Then why is everything so difficult, dammit? In comes the no-guts-no-glory thing all over again. And oh yes: it gets harder before it gets easier, doesn’t it?
In fact, none of it makes any sense.

What does make sense is this: to have a 5-yr-old boy tell you that his friend drew something for him. He takes out a small oval-shaped piece of yellow paper. On it: two dots for eyes, one dot for a nose and a stripe as a smile. He says, “my friend made this for me so I can look at it and think of you and dad and then feel happy.”
An hour later I hear that another friend of his has broken a finger. He takes immediate action and draws the biggest “most beautiful drawing ever” for that friend. He has only barely learned to write his own name. With admirable concentration he tries to write his friend’s name. The other way around. He instructs me to add “how terrible that you broke your finger.” And he signs it with grave earnesty and care.
Consider for a moment the last time you did something similar for a friend.
Don’t dwell on this too long though. On with it: no pain no gain, remember?

2 Responses to “ego and yes I can”

  1. Consider for a moment the last time a friend did something similar for you.
    Don’t dwell on this too long though. On with it: no pain no gain, remember?

  2. Martine says:

    Beautiful, Aliefka…

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