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Want and write

published: 2009-03-06

The more I make my way to the end of my novel, the more worried I'm becoming. Not only is there the debilitating worry I've had all along – what is of so much importance to me that I feel I should be telling it to the world? (The answer being: who cares, even about the question?). Now comes another worry: my character is refusing to change. I have spent about 60.000 words bringing a character to life who cannot and will not change, however many new scenes I give him to wander around in. But can I really blame him? I mean, how can I expect my own creation to do something I feel people are incapable of doing? So here's what it comes down to (for all you befriended writers out there): never, ever trust this thing called 'worry'. Worry comes entirely from what you think you should be writing, and not from writing what you want to be writing. Easier said than done, obviously.

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