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Two things

published: 2010-06-08

Two things I had intended on putting in my new novel, but never did.
That she (Leandra) wakes up in the middle of the night. There’s a subtle. pulse-like glow in her room. Brighter, then softer, then brighter again. It comes from beneath her bed. She leans over and sees a firefly. It is on it’s back. It is dying.
And that he (Leandra’s husband) is telling her about a delicate matter he solved in the office. Mid sentence – he doesn’t stop talking – he frowns on noticing something. He leans towards her. His eyes are not focused on hers, but somewhere lower. He lifts his hand, and very gently closes his point-finger and thumb under her chin. With a sudden and agressive jerk, he pulls out a hair.

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