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Innocent addictions

published: 2009-01-18

Friends came over for dinner yesterday. They downloaded some cool applications on my iphone for me and inspired me to check out Twitter. I had been avoiding things like Facebook because I am addiction-prone (remember, I once mentioned my addiction to a famous Dutch writer's blog?) But I couldn't resist registering for Twitter. And I instantly found it to be pleasant. Twitter users are friendly and civil. Whereas when you look at any community commenting on a blog (be it a blog by an expert, a newspaper, or some famous person) somehow things always gets nasty. Not only do commentators snap at each other, even the blogger whose blog it is often argues with his/her commentators. So I'm going to try and shift my attention from frequenting blogs to frequenting Twitter. And once I've managed to get my second novel out there, I'm going to wean myself off every online habit.

4 Responses to “Innocent addictions”

  1. Mayli M says:

    Hai Aliefka,
    I completely agree with you on the course that those blogs mostly take. I shall therefore install Twitter, allowing our literary intercourse to entwine further.
    You may take a note though, about the subjects that interest me on our famous Dutch writers blog is not merely myself but also you.
    I also know that you’ve always been honestly open about your identity, and my comment was not a reproach, just an approval of your more obvious ‘out’-ing.
    I remain yours truthfully,

  2. @Mayli, well thank you, truly! I believe ever since I popped out of my mother’s womb the first thing I started doing was looking for appreciation. I wish it otherwise. Probablt karma. Once you’ve set Twitter up, you can find me as: book2nightmare, tag me and I’ll tag you!

  3. Dens Powells says:

    I’m still not sure what Twitter is.

  4. @Dens, neither was I. It’s one of those “learn as you try” things. Set up an account on, or check mine out ->
    You’ll see my twitters and those of the people I follow. Sometimes, we react to each other. So when I say “@54nd3r” (= Sander), my message to him will come up on both my page and his.

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