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Today’s day

published: 2009-08-05

You know how people say you should always live this day as if it were the last day of your life?
While writing, loads of related contemplations, thoughts, themes pass my mind (as I’m sure they to everyone’s) to which I usually react by telling myself ‘later. Will save that for later.’
Later, meaning what exactly? Some abstract later in which suddenly I’ve become the writer who is no longer limited by form, by words, by technique, by language? Who is perfectly equipped to capture anything and everything that crosses my mind’s eye into magnificently beautiful words and glorious stories? 
That later is never going to come. See because when you’re saving a certain dress for a special occasion, somehow no occasion ever seems good enough. 
So today, I’ve decided to pour everything that interests me and inspires me into this novel. I’ll do as best as I can, even though I might some day look back thinking I really wasn’t good enough. But that some day is later. And this is now.

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