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this naked world

published: 2013-11-23

As I handed my jacket to the lady at the coat-check, I suddenly felt sure I was naked. A chill passed over my hips. Had I forgotten to get dressed? I checked and noticed my skirt. I checked again, just in case. By then, other people were looking at my skirt too. And so I kept checking.
You can know something for a fact, and still not believe it because sensations will have you believe otherwise. The world really is flat isn’t it? If it isn’t, then why am I not spinning? Essentially, I’m walking towards the end of the flat world. We all are. We walk through life knowing for a fact we’ll drop off it someday. Yet still, we won’t believe it.
On strolling through the museum, I sensed people were looking at me. And surely enough, if I turned to look at someone, I’d catch they’re stare. A knowing smile sometimes, to each other, after looking away.
So indeed, I was naked. And perhaps the world is round after all, because my head was spinning. Does this mean it’ll never come to an end? I can hardly believe it.

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