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this is all your fault

published: 2011-07-15

Just as you’re thinking a day can’t get any worse some guy in a Jaguar with way to big tires yells at you. “This is all your fault!” he screams out of his window. Say what?
Oh so it’s my fault I have two kids on my bike, one of them is crying as he has hurt his finger and we’re heading home for bandaid? It’s my fault that you stopped your car right across the side-street we are biking through and we therefore have to swerve past you in order to not get hit by some woman in stiletto heels who steps out of your car without looking? And it’s my fault that because of it I am not entirely all the way to the left of your hood, while waiting to cross over the adjacent street. And I’m not taking my chances with two kids so all right yes I am being prissy and could’ve crossed sooner as those nearing cars aren’t going all too fast, I do admit. And it’s my fault you therefore honk because this is taking way too long for you. After which you decide to hit gas and swerve by me but don’t realize you’re about to hit a car because you’re too busy scowling at me. At which stage I yell “look out!” saving that fine Jaguar of yours from a full frontal crash and so you slam on your brake, just on time. After which you then press gas even harder and yell “this is all your fault.”
I have been trying to teach my son that blaming others for anything that seems odd or wrong isn’t the right way to go through life. But maybe it is. Especially if you’re rich.

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