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published: 2010-07-07

My sister was never attached to things. Paintings, trinkets, furniture. She’d share her clothes with all her friends. I was the opposite. I’d freak out if anyone so much as borrowed a pencil. It’s still like that today. Not literally, but figuratively. I feel attached to a necklace my grandmother left me. She would never. “It’s only stuff,” she says and of course she’s right. But to detach or to attach, they could well be more alike than you’d initially expect. They both come from the desire to protect oneself. If you aren’t attached to anything, losing won’t hurt. If you are attached to things, having them lessens pain.

I did find that I have been growing attached to the site however. I’ve been working on it more, and I’ve focused some of my writing work here. Which reminds me, someone recommended to me, and I was looking to improve the site with any way possible, so I decided to try it. As it turns out they knew a lot more about this than I did. They far exceeded my expectations. I’m actually going to be changing a few things as per their pointers and what I learned; should be fun.

3 Responses to “Things”

  1. yo says:

    I feel saddened just by reflecting on thethe last sentence. It feels like a sliding scale. The danger seems to be to be attached to things past, which may be limiting loving what is: the present.

  2. alief says:

    @yo. True. Interestingly, I saw your comment through my blog settings and thought you had commented to “Summer”. Equally as applicable!

  3. yo says:

    @aliefka: re.comment Summer blog. you’re right. That would have been (even) deep(er) 😉
    Best summer wishes for this one and the next and the next and then next – happiness from moment to moment.

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