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the young and the old

published: 2012-05-29

Everyone loves the young pianist, whose star is rising. Up and up it goes and we so hope that this young man, the one who just shook our hand, is something else. Something of genius, something extra special. This young man sweats while playing. Rests in between rehearsals. Drinks cola. And prefers texting messages to someone who’s existance only he knows of than to engage in small-talk with the VIPs at his table. One lady cracks a nonsensical joke. His eyes light up. He laughs, spontaneously. Finally he actually looks at someone, at her.

Then there’s the old pianist. Who starts his days early. It’s him that rises and shines through the day, not his star. He enjoys a healthy breakfast during which he talks to people, shakes hands, smiles, asks questions and even compliments the people around him. Do you have enough assignments, that same lady asks. And he says that some months are busy, others are not. At least he’s affordable, he jokes. Does it worry you when it’s a quiet month? He shakes his head. No, he says. He practices instead. And keeps practicing so as not to think.

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