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the way of the world

published: 2012-03-06

The great thing about a coastline is you don’t have to worry about where you’re going. You can walk and walk, and when you’re fed up you simply turn around and walk back.
You can plant your gaze a few meters in front of your feet and you’ll notice broken shells, piles of rotting seaweed that stink, sand flies hovering over them. And the millions of grains of sand that give way beneath your feet. You could count each and every one of those grains if you wanted to.

But you can also lift your chin, even very slightly and now you’re looking at the horizon. What you’ll notice is how everything blends to form a hazy hue of sensuous greys and pale yellows. The blackened sea evaporates into the light skies then merges with the coast where sand quietly turns to a pastel green. Then intensifies into browns.

It all makes sense. One thing leads to the next. At least in the distance it does.

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