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the trouble of looking for me

published: 2013-03-18

While watching a TV show called “Memories” I think of what a therapist once told us, the father of our son and I. He said, “in a few years you’ll most likely look back at a situation like this and wonder what all the fuss was about. Was it really worth ruining things?”
The TV show “Memories” reunites people who have lost each other due to the course of life. Most of them are now old. They have survived wars, been married and divorced, experienced sickness, been separated by continents and cultures. When they find each other they know it may well be their last meeting. Soon, they will die.
You watch these old people who weren’t able to listen to the voice of their hearts. The beauty of youth has long left them. And still, still see that same unspoiled person before them.
What was all the fuss about?
So is it true then? Is it true that in time we forget the wrongdoings and remember only that one thing which was good? I admit, I watch these programs because I hope such thoughts are true. I hope that one day, just on time before I die, the people I have hurt will have forgotten how I hurt them, as I will have forgotten how they hurt me.
What was all the fuss about?
I have written posts here I later regretted. Recently, I tried to change the status of one of those posts. But there was a flaw and it remained published. At present, I still understand what all the fuss is about.
Meanwhile one man on television says, “I could hardly believe that anyone in this world would go through the trouble of looking for me…”

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