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the sea and the wind

published: 2011-08-23

You are the sea. A vast, wide-open ocean of confidence. You know no horizons, no end. In fact, you define the horizons. You move in slow motion, a giant, powerful force. Warm blooded and cold, light and dark. You harbor the starfish and the eels. The whales and the sea horses. You carry the hurricanes, push them forward. And in times of distress you know no mercy, you will not stop, will not rest.
I am the wind. I twist and turn. I rush around puffing and panting, catching my breath. Dashing left, then right amd inside out. I pick things up and blow them away. I want to be here and there and everywhere. I can put up a storm, suddenly. And I can whisper sweet things, quietly. Sometimes I find rest. When I hover above you, the sea, and admire your colours, study your strength, listen to the sound of your soul. I like to linger above you, but can never stay. I must always move on, always.

One day, I will die and there will be no more turbulence. I will suddenly stop and I hope I stop right above you so I fall into you, the sea. Who I so long to be.

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