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the promise

published: 2013-03-03

Two friends promise each other eternal friendship. They go through life’s highs and lows together. As years progress, there are more lows than highs.
One friend always feels she needs to help the other. Until the one who is helped decides it should stop. She no longer returns calls, she no longer writes. The one who thought she was helping cannot accept this. She keeps banging on a closed door, angrily, desperately, pathetically. She hates herself for it. Yet still she keeps doing it.
What if that door were to open? Will she step inside and smile? Or will she remind her friend of how angry she? Of how she has felt betrayed?
Seven years later she thinks of the friend and realizes she hasn’t thought of her for quite some time. She picks up the phone and calls the number she still has. She wants to say that she now understands. It is no longer her friend’s number.

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