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the pastor in a business suit

published: 2012-01-13

The man in the suit, yesterday. Drinks, suits, chit-chat, that kind of an event. A friendly, get to know eachother type thing. Then the man in the suit stepped forward, was introduced to us. He was the evening’s speaker. It took me a while to notice there was more to him than man-in-suit. He was young, much younger than he presented himself as being. I found that unfortunate for him. We have a whole life ahead of us to be old. His hair was parted. And he started off just fine. Ease off the nerves with a little joke or two, politely refer to the previous speaker. Right, so now you have us listening to you, introduce yourself.
He was a pastor, he said. AND, a business man. He pauzed for a moment. Perhaps he was used to people falling over backward in awe. Then he went on to answer how this was possible. Probably just as possible as being a lawyer and writing bestselling novels, I thought. After a few minutes he seemed to be talking about nothing in particular, himself maybe, and for the sole purpose of talking. He didn’t give us anything to think about.
When he finished a woman asked him his definition of God. He lashed out at her by mimicking her the way a bully in school would.
“What my definition of God is? Well, first of all we should all learn to read properly. The Bible, that is to say. And listen. Do you know how to listen?”
The woman stood her ground, she told him her question had been sincere. She was honestly interested. He said a whole lot more but never answered her question. Perhaps he didn’t have a definition. Perhaps he was still developing one. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it would have been quite intelligent.

But as the saying goes: wisdom comes with age.

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