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the mothers we need

published: 2014-09-14

I realize now that as a child I never really listened to what my mother had to say. The ungrateful fate of every mother. The most you can hope to accomplish as a mother is your child’s understanding that you are there, always. Which is more than any other person can give you.
I can’t recall the last time I was alone with my mother. I am now.
I had written her an email about the currents of my life and questions as to where it’s heading. Am I doing the right thing? She responded that she’s never been good with words, but that she did want to share this: “achieving something of importance to you is dependent on concentration, discipline and trust.”
A day later she added, “…not only trust in yourself, but also in your surroundings.”
Maturity sets in when we stop interacting with our mothers in terms of our own needs, but try to understand theirs instead.

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