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the fastest way to turn

published: 2014-08-21

Finally, my son lays his head in my lap again. He is getting older. We are watching swimming competitions on TV. I fiddle with his hair, scratch his back. This might be a good moment to say:
“We broke up.”
“Have they been swimming for an hour, mama?”
“No, one minute.”
Butterfly. Powerful shoulders. Women.
“I didn’t plan it or expect it to happen. It’s nobody’s fault that it didn’t work.”
“Why do they do those funny turns under water?”
“It’s the fastest way to turn.”
Breathe. Speed up. Slow down. Win or lose.
“Any thoughts about what I just told you?”
“Are swimmers stronger than athletes?”
“Both have their strengths.”
Touch. Gasp for air. In and out.
“Did Holland win?”
“No, Italy.”
Cheers. High fives. Tears.
“Do you mind mama?”
Warm towels around shoulders.
“What about you, do you mind?”
“Look at my muscles mama, I’m really strong too.”

One Response to “the fastest way to turn”

  1. Sérgio Jabur says:

    Beautiful, moving, meaningful……

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