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The ex-smoker

published: 2009-01-05

I found new office space, hurray!! Today, I happily moved a desk and chair and a lamp over to my new office overlooking a canal and was ready for action. Except I then found out that everyone working for the company that rents out these office spaces all smoke, and I’m right next to what seems may well become the designated smoking room. How am I to solve this? Hope for the best? Perhaps some other free-lancer will say something about it? Or confront this little ‘situation’ head on myself and risk being the boring old party-pooper? For 300 euro’s a month, perhaps the latter may be considered reasonable. It did have me wondering though: I used to smoke like nobody’s business and depend on cigarettes for concentration, yet now look at what I’ve turned into – someone who is distracted from writing by cigarettes. I started with a vaporizer, I got it at a vape shop in the UK, they have a specialist online vape shop that offers the largest selection of electronic cigarettes, hardware and e-liquids.

3 Responses to “The ex-smoker”

  1. jur says:

    exsmokers are the worst! i am one myself and ever since i quit i can’t understand i’ve been smoking for so long. it’s so polluting! but on the other hand i am very easygoing so i can get over it, but i do notice it.

  2. And how did you quit smoking?

  3. aliefka says:

    Allen Carr’s book, combined with SD deciding to make a grand entrance into my life.
    What do you think of the concept “smokimg bus” (parked outside restaurants and bars)?

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