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the drama we call friendship

published: 2010-12-29

Two girls in their early twenties. Friends. They wear the same style bikini’s. The bikini looks great on the one that stands knee high in the sea, one hand on her hip. She has light-blonde hair, her skin is tanned and firm. A pound or two too heavy on the hips, but she’s of the age that it still looks sexy. She feels entirely at ease being looked at from behind, by the people on the beach. She wants us to look. To admire.

The other is a redhead. She has pale, ashy skin. Hardly any muscle tone, as if she has already spent too many years sitting down, studying perhaps, or working. Of the two she has the more beautiful breasts. Yet this goes unnoticed as she keeps fumbling with her bikini pants, therefore drawing attention to the part of her body that isn’t all too attractive. Her shoulders lean forward. She dives straight into the sea. Her friend keeps standing there, looking beautiful, as the redhead splashes around.
What will become of their friendship? Will it last? Will the redhead become a succesful lawyer, marry a sweet man, have some babies, be happy. While the blonde continues pursuing perfection, becomes fat over time from too much partying? Not understanding that even her body eventually needs taking care of?
And will the redhead forever stand in the shadow of the blonde? Follow her to places she decides they should go. Defining their plsn. Ultimately leaving the redhead only one solution: to cut ties with the blonde. Entirely. To never see her again. Leaving the blonde to forever agonize over the question: why. And perhaps come to realize she needs the redhead more than the other way around.

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