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the dispute

published: 2012-03-31

The dispute they had was about the following: Marina had taken her children to Ruby’s 40th birthday. And now it was Marina’s turn to turn 40. She asked Ruby to come over for an evening of wine and cigarettes. Just the two of them. Just like they always did and always will. They’d discuss books. They loved to read.

But Ruby said, “Marina, of course I’ll come.  You should know though, that I felt it was wrong of you to take your children to my 4oth birthday.” 

Ruby doesn’t have children. Ruby doesn’t have a proper relationship. Marina does. It wasn’t always this way, in school they were so alike that they seem interchangeable. Marina doesn’t go out. She doesn’t do drugs. Ruby does.

So they had a huge fight. A really bad one. They shouted and screamed at eachother. Marina felt they should break-off their friendship. Ruby agreed.

Two days later, on Marina’s birthday, Ruby killed herself. She had left a note for Marina saying that she was to have her watch. And her collection of books. Ruby also wrote a note saying that het brother should be the executor to her will. She had a will? Marina asked. Yes, she had a will. And she had been saving up on sleeping pills, anti-depressants and pain-killers.

Marina took the watch and the books. Then a bank came and said those items weren’t Ruby’s to give as she had made debts. So Marina gave the watch back. And the books. Maybe she can buy them some day, from someone who never knew Ruby.

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