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the cathedral

published: 2011-12-26

A cathedral. It is one of the biggest in Europe.
A man and a woman enter in a flurry of excitement. Their cheeks are cold and pink. They plan to give the homeless lady outside a few coins on their way out. But first, they want to see the famous Christmas stall. A man stops them from entering. He wears a long, black trench coat and a red band around his upper arm.
"The church is closed," he barks.
"But it's open until 5 and it's only 4.40 now?" the two exclaim.
"It takes us 30 minutes to get everyone out on time." "Please? We drove two hours just to see it."
The security person does not falter and firmly plants his eyes on the wall behind them. The man gets angry, the woman pulls him away.
"Your Christmas spirit needs some working on," the man says to the security person.
Then they walk away feeling something something has been taken away from them. They try to make themselves laugh it off. It's not the end of the world, is it?
What the security person doesn't know is that the man wanted to give the woman a ring right in the middle of that cathedral. He knows how sad Christmas makes her. Maybe he can give her new and better memories Christmas.
And what they don't know is that the security person's wife died that year. The only way for him to survive Christmas is to hold on tightly to the rules that surround it, any rules.

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