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Sunday fun day?

published: 2008-11-09

I've resisted temptation to post an actual account of what happened today. Let me leave it at this: we all know it's wise not to set one's expectations too high. Today I was reminded it's even wiser to not have any expectations at all, let alone for them to be high. There are different reactions to when life as it is does not coincide with life as you expect it to be. Some people will cry, some will run away, some will pretend to be okay behind a smile. Unfortunately, my reaction is the least appealing of them all: I fight.
(By the way, this has nothing to do with my man or son).

2 Responses to “Sunday fun day?”

  1. belle says:

    interesting… at least with a fight you get a reaction and exchange judgements. With just a smile or tears you just have your own judgement to depend on. Putting it like this, it seems like a fight has a social aspect, and smile or tears an egoistical one.

  2. alief says:

    @belle, I suppose it depends on with what motivations one puts up a fight. If it’s out of one’s own frustrations then it’s just as egotistical as a smile or tears. Similarly, a smile or tears can be sociable when done out of consideration for other people.

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