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tomorrow could be the end of spring

published: 2012-05-08

A fisherman throws the net onto the deck. The fish die, slowly. They lie on their sides and their gulls open and close. One fish manages to flip over. A woman and her daughter watch them for a while. As if wanting to correct something, the woman picks one of the fish up. Just walking over to the side of the ship with that fish in her hands makes her feel good. Her daughter beams. They are going to save that fish. She throws it up into the air. But a seagull snatches it and gulps it down in one go.
Two boys are jumping up and down on a trampoline. One boy says to the other: “look! there’s a ladybird!” The other boy kneels down beside his friend to look at it. Then squishes it with his finger.
It’s raining and it’s perfect. A crisp rain that clears the skin of sweaty thoughts. It carries the smell of blossom, soon to rot. Tomorrow could be the end of spring.

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