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Solid joy

published: 2009-10-02

A few words about my niece. She is six years old. She tries to suppress her smile. Because when she does smile, her seperated lips reveal a gaping hole where her two front teeth used to be. She has stringy blond hair and wears jeans that are torn by the knees. Or too short. Sometimes, I see her when she hasn't expected to see me. Every time this happens, it's like a flashlight passes her face to expose a mix of sheer happiness and surprise. It only lasts a split second. After which she smiles sheepily – showing me the hole – then quickly closing her mouth. She blushes and she hugs me with arms that always seem too long as they have grown too fast. On seeing her yesterday I wondered how long this would last. And when was the last time I so spontaneously showed what I felt on seeing a relative?   

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