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Sober and content

published: 2009-03-02

Last week, I went to a colleague writer's book launch. I usually enter this kind of situation feeling like I have to arm myself. You see, the entire world is my enemy and therefore so are my peers. My choice of weapon is usually an exaggerated smile. It's not a very defensive strategy, in fact it's quite aggressive. A dear friend of mine once said about the man she lives with "his passivity is so damn aggressive." Indeed, any positive character trait is aggressive when you give it a closer look. One need only consider the self-help guru to understand what I mean. Anyway, I usually come out of this kind of social gathering feeling exhausted (and tipsy as wine facilitates the pretense of exaltation). This time however, I pulled myself together. I told myself it was pathetic of me to turn my world into my enemy. I made myself look at my peers for who they are: supportive and interested. I left the launch feeling sober and content.

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