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so lovely, isn’t she?

published: 2012-02-14

She’s so lovely, isn’t she? Always smiling and helpful and interested and witty and reasonable and attentive and sensible and. And. She’s always helping others. Not really though, she isn’t actually. But clearly it’s what she’d want to be doing all the time. If it weren’t for the fact that there simply aren’t enough hours in a day and she has her own family to attend to, her friends, her job, her health, her looks. She’s goodlooking, isn’t she? It gets her a long way. And when she buys something big, something really, really big, say – a house – even then she’s still smiling and nodding her way through the obscenities of society. Of discussing wood rot and curtains.
And so of course, one fine day, this ever-so friendly lady explodes. See, there’s this table she bought and she felt she shouldn’t waste the poor salesman’s time for too long so she looked at a picture of a table that looked nice and got out her credit card. She had checked on a few things – whether the table was scratch proof and would they give it a good polishing and all? Perhaps the salesman hadn’t registered her concerns because she was being too charming. Anyway, the table wasn’t what she had hoped it would be. Not anything like it. And so after a few days, and yet another few days, she finally picks up the phone to ask this friendly salesman whether perhaps, well maybe…could he…?

No. Is his answer. Which is when she gets angry. Not simply angry, but really very angry. Does she at least feel relieved? Does it help to scream “well then I’m just going to chop the designer table up into tiny pieces and feed it to my husband and you can just drop dead for all I care.” No. In fact, she feels worse than ever.

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