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Sheer excitement

published: 2009-01-29

Landed on the island where I was born, in the Caribbean. You would think my son swallowed Duracell batteries as he's running around all over the place, his arms flapping uncontrollably out of sheer excitement. It's surprising as I can never seem to get him to go outside in Amsterdam. I suppose he doesn't like the cold. Neither do my man and I. Now all my man and I have to do is look and learn from our son: run around, arms flapping uncontrollably and literally explode with joy upon discovering not only is there a pool, but there's even a smaller, kid's only pool!

(I won't be posting entries all too frequently these 3 coming weeks; taking a break means taking one from the screen. Albeit writing a good scene is one of the most calming activities I can think of doing. But the reverse is also true. Anyway, bear with me, within no time I'll be back and firing away sheerly excited postings into this world).

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