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published: 2009-12-16

This is to prove that we have finally entered full throttle holiday mode. My man and I spent the entire evening analyzing the security strategy of this resort. It led to only one conclusion: something must have happened here quite recently.
Every evening, only moments before sunset, a team of approximately 6 security people (it’s not as bad as it sounds, they don’t look like security people), discuss their various designated positions. One of those positions being right outside our porch, and facing us. It makes you have second thoughts about sitting out there with your laptop, albeit the mosquitos had taken care of that anyway.
Clearly, the security guard that has to sit there feels uncomfortable about his/her (this evening it was a pretty blonde girl with a cap) position. They do their utmost not to stare straight at us. Meanwhile, walkie talkies crackle and pop. Flashlights signal things to each other.
Before turning in, I ask the security woman, “is this going to be a long evening for you?”
“Oh just until 11,” she responds. You’d think the scarier kind of criminal activity takes place after 11, therefore her statement comes as a relief. Whatever happened must have been something along the lines of thievery while guests were out eating between sunset and 11 pm. Or at least I’d surely like to believe so, because meanwhile my man and I have discussed various godawful hairraising scenarios. I have a way too morbid fantasy.
I wonder why the older we get, the greater the fear. Or maybe it’s the more we have. Not meaning materially, but in terms of peace.
Anyway, every evening I thank the security guard for being there. Mainly to make them feel less uncomfortable.

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