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Right or wrong choice?

published: 2009-01-16

Still working on my article for a Dutch Feminist Magazine (De Opzij). It's proving to be a good exercise in personal motivation. I'm researching autobiographical sex-novels by females. Each and every one of them became overnight bestsellers. As mentioned before, writing truths attracts an audience. But it's when you write truths about your sex-life that the millions come rolling in. It's so easy really isn't it? All I need to do is drop my pants and describe what I see. So why on earth am I spending years of my life writing about some 59 year old man who, by the end of his career, finds he made all the wrong choices in life?

One Response to “Right or wrong choice?”

  1. jur says:

    well if he has lotsa sex after that realization, i think you’re still on the right track 😉

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