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published: 2010-01-21

“I cant give you what you’re looking for,” he says.
She asks, “what do you think I’m looking for?”
He says, “Africa.”
She smiles, “you are so wrong.”
They sit facing each other, their legs straddled. There are times when she shakes him to the core. His confusion speaks to her through his eyes while the words stay cool. They tell her she’ll be all right. It happens when she holds back, hides her thoughts elsewhere. In a place that is hers and not for him to know. Where she is protected by the privacy of her mind.
Not today. Today, she felt like giving her world to him. From which he in turn withdrawa. His eyes wonder whether he’ll be back on time in the office.
Africa, she knows, is not what she is looking for. It is his escape.

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