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rest in peace dear @writerontwitter

published: 2012-12-19

“This is A Man. I am Writerontwitter’s husband. I don’t know any other way to say it but that Writerontwitter passed away in her sleep October 8th. Your book was the first and last Ebook she ever read and she finished it in a couple of days so she must have found it very compelling since she usually was reading multiple books at a time and making slow progress on all of them. I got to thinking about it and it reminded me of a nice walk we took the evening before she died. She told me about you and your book. She talked about what a beautiful woman you were and how you had been a lawyer until you had so health issue I believe. Since she had issues with a traumatic head injury I believe she felt a kinship. She said your book was very well written and she was sure it was going to be a huge success and she recommended I read it which is a very rare occurance. I can only think of one other book she’s recommended to me.
I thank you for your email that reminded me about this walk. It’s a good memory that pushed some of the not so good memories about that day a little further back in my brain.
A Man”

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