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Pulling the reins

published: 2008-11-10

All right, time for action. So I decided 'to break a sweat' to exorcise the snot that has somehow possessed my body and mind. I put on my running shoes and ran like nobody's business. I ran and ran and ran until my ass tingled, my lungs burned and my legs gave way. And guess what? Not a single drop of sweat. Instead, I was treated to a pounding headache.

3 Responses to “Pulling the reins”

  1. jur says:

    sounds like your pores need to be pried open! because the sweat couldn’t get out, it went up. like all hot things do. they go up. or they make other things go up.
    hence the headache.
    anyway, try some bikram yoga. that’ll open them pores for sure.

  2. alief says:

    @jur, do you have any easier suggestion than finding myself a bikram yoga school?

  3. jur says:

    ehm… a sauna, a hot shower, a hot steaming bath, eating thai spicey peppered curryfood; that should all help 🙂

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