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published: 2008-11-25

Allow me to rephrase what I wrote yesterday. Sometimes, daily life becomes top-heavy on practicalities which need taken care of. I won't start listing them as that would be really boring. The thing is though, practicalities have this way of being the greatest ever distractions from writing. I find it impossible to be writing (even though writing does not only take place behind the computer) while trying to terminate a contract with an internet provider, or setting out to help the woman who cleans your house rent a home by offering to be her guarantor (it turns out being someone's guarantor involves a never ending string of new time-consuming practicalities), looking for new office space and so on. When practicalities start taking control over my life at the cost of writing, usually I'm feeling pretty awful within about 24 hours. The only remedy would be: to further ignore practicalities. But that is not always an option. So what I need to do is sit it out and stop myself from panicking by reminding myself I shall be able to write. Soon. As of 8th December to be precise.

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